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5 Salesforce beginner tips to Ease your Job

Hey there, are you a beginner Salesforce Developer who has just started working in a Salesforce project? Then are here Salesforce beginner tips to make your job easier. These tips for can also prove useful to a intermediate developer who has to teach Salesforce to new incoming developers.

View Setup Audit Trail

Setup Audit Trail is an incredible feature which enables you to see what kind of configuration changes have been going on in your Org. You can see up to past 6 months of configuration changes in your audit trail.

You can see changes such as user modifications, app installations, data exports, visualforce page changes, apex class changes. It can be useful for a developer while trying to debug configuration issues. Just type ‘Setup Audit Trail’ in your Quick Find search box to view your Audit Trail.

View Setup Audit Trail in Salesforce


Know your tools : Data Loader, Workbench,

It is very important that your know your Salesforce tools thoroughly before you start using them. For example if you provide incorrect mapping in the Data Loader tool, or you map the fields that weren’t supposed to be updated then it can wreak havoc on your users.

Workbench can be used for a lot of things by a developer, such as to query for configuration items with their ID in case of any errors. I always find it easy to query on Workbench than Data Loader because of it’s UI. Workbench can also be used for Migration from one Org to another.

The web application is famous for importing, exporting attachments from Salesforce. It provides a good amount of free data loading that can be used for testing purposes. However you’ll have to purchase subscription plans for mass data loading.

Extensions Extensions!

There are many awesome Salesforce extensions available on Chrome’s store that Salesforce Developer can use to ease their work such as to search for configuration items or to navigate through Salesforce easily.

ORGanizer for Salesforce can be used to maintain your logins in various Salesforce orgs easily, and move through Salesforce just by searching for what you want! Wish I had known this one earlier 😐

ORGanizer for Salesforce - Manage login for all your orgs and navigate through Salesforce quickly.


Trailhead all day long!

Trailhead is the best resource provided by Salesforce to learn almost everything about Salesforce. It provides practice projects, and tests as well. All beginners are told in the beginning to start learning from Salesforce, but they aren’t aware how important Trailhead is. With the recent features, now you can give your Salesforce Certification Maintenance exams on Trailhead itself.

There’s so much to learn from Trailhead, and they make it so fun that I’m never able to get enough of it. Currently I have 60 Badges including 2 SuperBadges, and I plan to increase these numbers drastically. I just wish I had started learning Salesforce in the beginning with the purpose of understanding everything properly and not just completing my tasks given by my manager.

Trailhead - Best Way to Learn Salesforce


AppExchange – Official Store of Salesforce apps

Many developers don’t check out the AppExchange unless they click on it by mistake or just out of curiosity. AppExchange is store for Salesforce apps, just like we have App Store for iPhone apps. You can install free and paid apps from AppExchange based on our requirements.

There are a lot of free apps on the store that can help you increase your productivity or to help you learn more Salesforce features easily. Such as this Metadata Search app which adds metadata search functionality to our regular Standard Salesforce search. Check ’em out!


So these were the 5 Salesforce Beginner tips, if you like to learn more from reading books, you can check out this one Salesforce for Dummies on Amazon; it has got good reviews.

Salesforce for dummies

Let me know which tip you liked the best, or if you have any tips that you wish you had known when you entered the world of Salesforce.

Have a good one 🙂

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